Homemade Pizza & Pasta

Cavo Italiano – Italian Restaurant in Ialyssos, Rhodes. Enjoy the fresh and lovely pizzas, the homemade fresh pasta, or a salad. Beautiful environment, on top of the Cavo Tango Cocktail Bar.

Made in our kitchen

Try a real Italian pasta dish, with the best of ingredients, and fresh  pasta, made in our kitchen. We also have a lot of real Italian Pizzas, made in a stone oven, for the tastiest result.

We are a Proud member of the ”Chatzivalsamis Group”

Ferenikis 3 Ialyssos,
Tel+30 22410 90993

Ferenikis 3 Ialyssos,
Tel+30 22410 94889

Ferenikis 3 Ialyssos,
Tel+30 22410 91251

Akti Miaouli 12 Rhodes,
Tel+30 22410 26926

Our Location

Cavo Italiano
Phone: +30 22410 91251
email: info@cavotango.com
Ferenikis 3
85101 Ialyssos
Rhodes, Greece